Application Cases

Micro-Fulfillment Center

The Micro-Fulfillment Center manages quantities and storage locations for SKUs. The Robot Control System handles the process of materials entering and leaving the warehouse. Personnel only require to collect SKUs at designated workstations. This system can be deployed and operated in an area with less than 100m^2, with high flexibility, optimal space utilization, and solving the dilemma of automated logistics system deployment in constrained spaces. It monitors scheduling in an automated and optimized way to improve work efficiency.

Automated Picking System

The automated picking system records the number of storage locations of the SKUs. The warehousing inbounds/outbounds are all handled by robots, and the person only needs to pick SKUs at the designated workstations. During the dispatching process, the system will determine the rack most relative to the warehouse according to the SKU distribution. Then compute the robot path to the storage location to execute the robots’ instruction, and monitor the scheduling in an automated and optimized way to improve work efficiency.

Logistics Sorting System

The optimization mode can increase the units of dispatches per hour and plan the path in the sorting operation, classifying the goods accurately according to the distribution location in the shortest possible time. It reduces the sorting error rate by using system supervision to control robots and optimizes logistics sorting with systematic operations.


Automated Storage System

Through digital maps and visualization modules, the system help grasps the location and quantity of inventory, optimizes routes, shortens picking times, and specifies the order of goods and shelves according to demand. The storage position optimization module considers the size of the space, arranges the storage and placement most efficiently, and accesses the picking information in real time in combination with the location management. In addition, the inventory locations will be consolidated as well as the truck movement be arranged, which can improve work efficiency and increase shipment efficiency.