TAConnect platform provides various services, which can be combined and expanded according to the solution needs of different industries. We provide customized development for the application field by integrating a variety of modules. Enterprises can introduce fully automated robotic services with minimal process variation and affordable costs to achieve more flexible and optimized operational results.

This solution integrates, dispatches, and manages the robot of the factory area through the map management module. In addition to robot control, it monitors the flow of personnel and goods, provides optimized analysis of paths, and creates efficient management.

Environment Deployment Scenario

Intelligent Computing Framework

Through AI computing services, the computing center analyzes the scheduling operation of the robot by utilizing machine learning to achieve optimization management. In the semi-automated field, intelligent computing also provides analysis and suggestions on handling routes, reducing picking time and improving personnel efficiency.

This solution analyzes, integrates, and visualizes data through the data center, and produces charts that visualize key data from the process for real-time tracking.

General Purpose Data Center

Domain-specific Services

This service designs software services that meet the needs of the field for projects in different domains, complete the deployment with efficient and flexible module methods, and expand a variety of intelligent application solutions.