AGV Robot

2D Code Navigation

Automatic pick‑and‑place of pallets and shelves
Application Field:
E-commerce Picking
Material warehouses and Stock

AMR Robot

SLAM navigation
Easy to deploy, immediately get on line after setting with SmartRC
Application Field:
Transfer of sub-assemblies between production line workstations and test stations
Non-fixed-flow handling operation


As a series of complete information monitoring integration systems, combined with flexible and customized modules for application scenarios, can be connected with WES, MES, WCS, etc. Provides a user-friendly interface to create environmental image layout, intelligent computing and data integration systems, achieving a most flexible and efficient production.


An easy-to-use web tool that can control AMR for creating and editing maps, setting routes and scheduling task processes, which simplifies automation tasks and facilitating navigation. The simple design allows non-technical personnel to quickly set up the AMR with minimal training.